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The National Order of Omega
Zeta Kappa Chapter

Chapter Information
Chapter Contact
  Chapter Phone Number: ---
Advisor Contacts
  Chapter Advisor: Joel Martin
Head of Alumni Board: ---
National Representative: ---
Live in Advisor: ---
Faculty Advisor:
National Information
  Website: http://www.orderofomega.org
Founding Date: 4/15/1959
Founding Location: University of Miami
Founders: 1
Philanthropy: ---
Nickname: OoO
Color(s): Blue
Flower: ---
Symbol(s): Omega
Jewel: ---
Magazine: ---
Motto: ---
Local Information
  Founding Date: 4/3/1985
Website: Memorial Union

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Chapter History


  "The idea of an honorary for fraternity men at the University of Miami is attributed to Parker F. Enwright, the advisor to fraternities at the time. Enwright was later to accept a position at the University of Pittsburgh. He was also responsible for the founding of the Omega Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh in the spring of 1964. The original constitution was approved by the Organizations Committee at the University of Miami on April 14, 1959, the recognized founding date. Since then a Constitution has been constructed to guide the Order's affairs. Chapter charters and membership certificates have been designed. The ritual and regalia, since revised, serve as a foundation upon which this honorary is being built. The Order of Omega voted to become a co-ed organization in the spring of 1977. Many institutions have inquired concerning membership in the Order. Colonization procedures have been implemented to further the growth of this honorary. Considering the age of the American college fraternity, the "active honorary" concept is long overdue. There must continue to be a common means by which the most outstanding fraternity men and women can stand united to further the philosophy of the college fraternity."


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Symbols and Insignia
Crest New Member's Pin Member's Badge

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Executive Officers

  President: Andrew Herman
  Vice-President: Jessica Rothenheber
  Treasurer: Sage Brown
  Secretary: Leslie Sharkey
  IFC Representative: Rex Mckeon
  Panhel Representative: Elissa Bate

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Member Roster

Alexander Price Alexandra Carter Alyssa Ouellette
Amy Shepard Andrew Herman Dylan Wingfield
Elissa Bate Emily Collins James Santana
Jason Copp Jessica Rothenheber Jon Allen
Joshua Stanhope Justin St. John Kacy Thibodeauharvey
Kaylee Bryan Keegan Burdette Kimberly McGaffin
Kirsten Mehnert Kristopher Doyon Kylie Thibodeauharvey
Leslie Sharkey Melissa Gilfort Nathan Frazier
Rex Mckeon Richard Luc Ryan Lindemann
Sage Brown Shannon Brenner Victoria Schuyler
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No housing information available.

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Chapter Information
  Chapter Contact
Advisor Contact
  National Information
  Local Information
Chapter History
Symbols and Insignia
Executive Officers
Member Roster


A Member of the University of Maine System