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Sigma Chi Fraternity
Rho Rho Chapter

Chapter Information
Chapter Contact
  Chapter Phone Number:
Advisor Contacts
  Chapter Advisor: Richard Haney
Head of Alumni Board: ---
National Representative: ---
Live in Advisor: ---
Faculty Advisor: ---
National Information
  Website: www.sigmachi.org
Founding Date: June 28, 1855
Founding Location: Miami University, OH
Founders: 7
Philanthropy: Huntsman Cancer Institute
Nickname: Sigs
Color(s): Blue and Old Gold
Flower: White Rose
Symbol(s): White Cross
Magazine: The Magazine of Sigma Chi
Motto: In Hoc Signo Vinces
Local Information
  Founding Date: April 19, 1902
Website: http://www.umit.maine.edu/sigmachi

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Chapter History


  Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855, by seven undergraduate men at Miami University. They felt that the principles of “fraternity” were crucial to the overall college experience, but were dissatisfied with the unbalance of loyalties and ideals within the fraternities which existed at their university. Six of the Sigma Chi founders were members of the 12-man Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Miami University; when a controversy arose involving a member of the fraternity which could not be resolved, the membership was divided equally. The actions from this controversy led to the founding of Sigma Chi.

On April 19 1902, the Rho Rho chapter received its charter, with Fraternity Founder Benjamin Piatt Runkle (who was then a military science professor on campus) speaking at the initiation. The first meeting was April 21 of that same year. The current Sigma Chi Heritage house was built in the summer of 1935, and was purchased by the University of Maine in 1998. The chapter is still strong today, and in 2002 celebrated their 100-year anniversary on campus. Notable Rho Rho alumni include Raymond Fogler, Frank Pickering, Richard Salisbury and John Huddilston.


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Symbols and Insignia
Crest New Member's Pin Member's Badge

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Executive Officers

  President: Ian M. Grover
  Pledge Educator: Matthew McGinn
  Vice President: Neal Timoney
  Philanthropy Chair : Ethan McGuire
  Risk Manager : Cody Morgan
  Treasurer : Matthew MacCaughey
  Annotator : Erik W. Metzger
  Social Chair: Brian McCarthy
  Scholarship Chair: Jefferey P. Damon
  IFC Representative : Joshua Gilmore
  Kustos : Lance Brown
  Intramural Rep: Christopher Boone
  Steward: Jason Copp
  Tribune: Lance Brown
  Alumni Relations Chair: Jason Copp
  Chapter Editor: Lance Brown
  recruitment Chairman: Daniel Freedman
  Brotherhood Chair: Ian Lookabaugh

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Member Roster

Alexander Stachowiak Brian McCarthy Christopher Boone
Cody Morgan Colin Wagner Daniel Byrne
Daniel Freedman Erik W. Metzger Ethan McGuire
Ian Lookabaugh Ian M. Grover Jack Seguin
Jason Copp Jefferey P. Damon Joshua Gilmore
Lance Brown Matthew MacCaughey Matthew McGinn
Neal Timoney Steven Knowles Tyler Greenlaw
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  Address: Heritage House, 101 College Ave.
House Phone:

House Capacity: 0
People in House:

House Cook: No Cook

Cost of Living
     Cost of Room:

Parlor Fee:
*Parlor fees are paid by members not living in.


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Chapter Information
  Chapter Contact
Advisor Contact
  National Information
  Local Information
Chapter History
Symbols and Insignia
Executive Officers
Member Roster


A Member of the University of Maine System